Mission Statement:

The Adam Kreiger Fund provides special programs and opportunities that enable young people to realize Adam's zest for life and determination to overcome any challenge.

A letter from Adam, written in 1993:

I, Adam Kreiger, being of sound mind, and surprisingly healthy looking body for the crap I have, do request that I be remembered as I have lived, and if my life has been of any value, then people will mourn me by laughing, smiling. Don't waste time missing me, I'm at the beach-come and spend some time. Enjoy it, breathe in the fresh salt air, celebrate the natural beauty of the ocean meeting the land. Never make me a cause for your pain, I was never an aching hole in anyone's life, nor will I ever be. Don't worry about mortality, I was never a cause for worry. Remember that I would never miss pointing out a rainbow. When you are scared of anything, bring me along for company, I would always listen to your fears, your hurts, your angers. I will always be by your side to brighten a stressful day with a dumb idea or just a smile. If I was strong, draw strength from me. If I had fun, draw fun from me. Whatever I was to you, honor my memory by keeping me forever with you for the good I have been able to share. With my deepest love, and my biggest smile.

Adam Marc Kreiger
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