The Adam Kreiger Fund provides special programs and opportunities that enable young people to realize Adam's zest for life and determination to overcome any challenge.

Projects Climbing Wall at Ezra Academy, Woodbridge, CT (2008) Wall:

The Adam Kreiger Fund, in honor of Shelley Kreiger's 13 years of leadership, donated a forty foot long Masada-inspired climbing wall which was installed in Ezra's gym. "We hope that Ezra students will see this wall symbolically as well as physically as they challenge themselves to good health, fitness and fun."

Proud Sponsor of Christine's Helmet. In the fall of 2010, the fund made a donation to a project called "Christine's Helmet". This project is staffed and funded though V-LINC ( and Johns Hopkins University School of Engineering. Christine is a young woman who suffers from a rare condition called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. This condition, brought on by an industrial accident to her face, causes her incredible amounts of pain due to slight variances in temperature, air pressure, or any kind of touch. Christine has been completely housebound for over a year. The project goal is to provide her with a self contained life support system that will allow her the freedom to travel outside her home for short periods of time. This project has the potential to benefit others with this condition, as there is currently very little research on the subject. The Adam Kreiger Fund

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